GIFT Dormitory for Hundreds of Former Street Orphans

Help Us Rescue Precious Girls & Boys of Uganda and South Sudan!

Help Us Rescue Precious Girls & Boys of Uganda and South Sudan!

Over and over as I, Carole Ward, live in and travel through Africa, I see young teenage girls at the airport in Uganda and South Sudan, in groups of 30-40, dressed in hijab and matching t-shirts, with paperwork in their hands. When asked where they are going, they say, "To Saudi for a job!" They are so excited to start their new life, but little do they know what awaits them. The options for them when they arrive at their destination are exploitation, slavery, sex-trafficking, sold for organ transplants and body parts, and even worse. They will never see their families or homeland again unless they are rescued.

We are aware and know organizations (their names are secret for obvious reasons) that send representatives to try to rescue them, but it is only 1 or 2 at a time and a difficult process. The best thing we, as Favor International, can do is prevention, and that is by prayer, education, and transformation.

We also have Women's Empowerment groups in rural villages of Uganda and South Sudan, where we bring awareness of trafficking through teaching. We empower 50 women at a time, in each village, with training and activation of a sustainable livelihood project in order to feed and educate their own children. Already we have saved thousands of girls from this fate! Many mothers in these rural areas testify, "When the men come to our villages to offer to take our girls away for an education and jobs, we chase them away! Thank you, Favor, for the teaching and awareness you are bringing us to save our children and be able to feed and educate them ourselves!"

The sad stories are "We didn't know," and "Why did you delay in coming?" You can help us reach these villages before these evil and greedy traffickers come to snatch the precious generation of young girls and children!

In addition to this, Favor is rescuing and transforming boys and girls from street life, sex houses, and slavery right in our own streets of Uganda and South Sudan. These valuable children are suffering through sexual exploitation and trafficking right in our own cities, villages, marketplaces, and rural areas. We go at night, gather as many as we can, and bring them "home" to live and be restored in our Favor Centers. These are called GIFT homes - "God’s Institute For Transformation".

These precious children have horrific stories of being "wasted" physically, mentally, emotionally, and in every other way by sex-trafficking, exploitation (even from government officials), abuse, being used for murder, and other terrible things that no person should ever have to bear. We bring them to our centers for detox, trauma counseling, nutrition, medical assistance, education, spiritual teaching, discipleship, vocational training and much more.

They come with large amounts of trauma and sickness in their bodies, they are broken in their minds and hearts, malnourished, full of diseases, suspicious, and untrusting. Love wins them over. They are placed in families of 8-10 with trained mothers & fathers who pour out affection and affirmation, love and prayer, until the walls of suspicion are broken down and the process of transformation begins.

The transformation in their lives is spectacular. Within 1-2 months, they are worshipping, praying, sharing their faith, and growing in confidence & in their identity as sons & daughters of the King. They memorize scripture, have Bible studies, stay in discipleship, start academic processes, and then choose a vocational skill for their own sustainability.

In time, they are resettled into the community with a vocation, which we help them with and equip them to initiate. A) They go out as missionaries in the marketplace, sharing their faith and testimonies of transformation daily. B) Some choose to come back to Favor and be a part of our teaching staff, missionary groups, or staff in our GIFT transformation homes. C) Others feel called to be missionaries with a message of transformation to the northern countries of Africa, taking Jesus to the unreached people groups of their own continent. They learn their calling, purpose for living, true identity, and destiny!

Your financial gift can help us save thousands more boys & girls from the trafficking industry in Uganda and South Sudan!

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