Women’s Empowerment

Empowering Women in rural Uganda Program

A mother’s greatest desire is for her children’s well-being and success, but in rural Uganda many mothers struggle daily to make ends meet. Gender inequalities entrap the women, who are viewed as subservient to men, and girls are not sent to school. If a lucky girl is sent, she often will not continue past menstruation age because of stigmatization and a lack of availability of feminine hygiene care. Tragic losses, easily preventable by simple education and medical care, punctuate this struggle to break free from this cycle of poverty.

Favor’s Women’s Empowerment program ends this cycle by equipping women to generate their own income through training in skills, emotional wholeness, parenting and financial management. This income gains them a measure of respect and independence from their husbands and funds the medical and educational needs of all their children.

The process begins through our Community Revitalization program, as teams select women who have proven faithfulness through regular tithing and attendance at church and Community Revitalization sessions. Every empowerment meeting starts as our staff ask the women about their goals and challenges. Through conversation, the team helps the women discover solutions uniquely suited to their circumstances. Based on interest, skills and resources the women may choose to become artisans creating beads and textiles; to learn husbandry, beginning poultry, pig or farming projects; or to learn a trade such a tailoring. Once decided, our team helps the women form their own structure and accountability system. The women leave these meetings with a solution in hand and joyful in the newfound knowledge of their God-given gifts, callings and creativity to transform their families and community. 

Over the next year, the women are mentored as they implement their project, and many involve their children and husbands. Discipleship also continues through ongoing small group Bible study.