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Prayer not only fuels the work – it is the work!

Prayer is the fuel and engine of everything Favor does among the war-affected communities of Uganda and South Sudan. Connecting with God as a family provides the only power we have to bring God’s love and transformation to whole communities.

  1. Our houses of prayer fuel the teams and transformation that run these movements.
  2. Unifying government and religious leaders of all Bible-believing denominations authorizes authentic transformation.
  3. National prayer gatherings, citywide overnight prayers, and other forms of prayer mobilization bring religious and community leaders together in the presence of God to change the course of nations.
  4. Favor’s prayer and worship leaders also physically go before our discipleship teams into the streets and villages to proclaim the Kingdom, heal the sick, and bring God’s Word and love to the formerly lost.

Favor’s teams and the communities we serve pray so frequently because we believe in the One who hears us, and by whose love we can speak with God. Because we love Jesus who gave Himself for us, because He is so faithful to hear, and because man’s efforts are so fruitless working without Him, we pray continuously.

We teach and model prayer among everyone, but a large portion of Favor’s national leaders are occupied with the priestly work of prayer, worship, and outreach full time.

Favor was birthed in prayer and begins nothing without seeking the Lord with our whole lives.


You can support a House of Prayer missionary leader for only $400 monthly, or a group of four friends can support a whole worker’s wages for only $100 monthly each! These prayer and evangelism team leaders pray for the sick, proclaim the Word, usher God’s presence through holy worship, and bring hope and healing to countless communities. It takes many workers to corporately lead 200+ people in daily prayer (each in two countries), plus the teams that travel for for outreaches and prayer mobilization events. The result will be more miracles that bring many to faith in Jesus, new believers discipled, and all of Favor’s ministries (and partners) supplied by the power and favor of God.

The prayer and evangelism teams in Uganda and South Sudan sustain national transformation through the following ongoing ministries:

outreach community pbs
A public prayer and outreach gathering, soon after God ended the war in northern Uganda because of meetings like these.

Recent Prayer & Evangelism Reports

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Building a New House of Prayer in Gulu, Uganda

We are moving from a rented facility to a new House of Prayer property owned by the ministry, which will reduce operational expenses and increase the quality of the building for House of Prayer needs. The rented site we have used for 13 years since God ended the war is scheduled to be repurposed by the landlord.

Our dream is to build a 4-story structure, with provision of rooms for multiple printing services, bridal shop, stationary shop, and parking facilities.

Purchasing an Additional Crusade Equipment Truck

Favor uses one specialized equipment truck to transport crusade equipment and leaders from city to city, but it is heavily used, and we need another!

Connecting Networks of Pastors to Steward New Church Construction

First media promotion of Favor occurs on the front page of one of the most important issues ever.

The nations of Uganda and South Sudan know that Favor seeks to build 1,000 new physical church buildings in each country to advance the Gospel, end war, and build healthy communities. We are in regular communication with pastors and networks to identify the highest-priority locations and congregations for these new structures.

Favor then trains these congregations in the standards required to receive a grant and begin contributing supplies for construction.


Organizing the National Prayer Gathering in Juba, South Sudan!

The churches of South Sudan, government officials, community leaders, and the whole nation will pray and fast for God to move in our nation, July 13-18, 11 hrs daily.

Favor organizes and pays for these occasional, massive gatherings that affect the agenda and spiritual climate of the whole nation. Many dozens of organizations and churches contribute time, money, and they fast and pray for 40 days leading the national prayer gatherings.

Previous gatherings have encouraged believers, reconciled leaders, changed national events, and they are still bringing heaven to earth today.

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A Word from Favor

“You want God to do the impossible? Put your feet into the impossibility, and watch God divide the water… You watch God do the supernatural, but go step on it. Go step on it.”

— Carole Ward

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