Jan 2020 Newsletter

January 10, 2020

Jan 2020 Newsletter

As the rest of the world celebrated the holidays with feasting and merry-making on Christmas day, our team members (by their own choosing) were out in the field winning souls for Jesus Christ!

They took the gift of Life to the cattle keepers living in the woods miles away from South Sudan’s capital city Juba. As the team shared the Gospel, many heard the Word of God for the very first time…and 85  gave their lives to Christ! Our team also facilitated the reconciliation of two feuding groups in the area.

The Gospel penetrating into these cattle keepers’ hearts  is critical, since the cattle camps are some of the places in South Sudan where the darkest cultural practices still persist.

We will build on this firm foundation by taking the Portable Bible School training to the camps, and the Word of God will be permanently established within the hearts of this precious community!

Construction of 6 New Churches in SS is Underway…

Our church construction teams in SS have begun the year with terrific vision. As God is building HIs dwelling places within hearts and communities throughout the region, we are helping rural villages and communities establish places of worship to continue multiplying disciples.

In the last few days the teams broke ground for the construction of 6 new churches in different locations in SS, and they are making tremendous progress. The project engineers say work will be completed by the end of March.

These 6 buildings are part of 1,000 churches that we have pledged to construct for Christian communities in UG and SS! This is extremely vital because the church building is an invaluable asset for the indigenous Christian communities here. These buildings not only serve as a place for worship and ministry, but also function as a Christian school during the week and as a center for trauma counseling and women empowerment training.

‘I am Glad I Have Entered the New Year as a Christian.’

On New Year’s eve, Favor’s prayer team combed the city of Juba, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses on the streets.  Hundreds listened to the Word and many accepted Christ as their Savior! Among them was this young man, a motorcycle taxi (aka boda-boda) driver.