Feb 2020 Newsletter

February 12, 2020

Feb 2020 Newsletter

The enemy has ‘pulled out all the stops’, knowing that his time is short. Why shouldn’t the Church do even more!? (Rev 12:12)

Preparation in Top Gear as Bible Training Commences!

Our teams are doing the final preparations ahead of the first Portable Bible School training programs of 2020, both in UG and SS. This year we intend to reach over 100 locations, including some of the remotest places in SS and the Islamic heartlands of Sudan.

The success of this enormous program requires huge amounts of resources, planning, and vision.

Every one of our team members is doing his very best to that end. The team in Juba is doing spiritual mapping, strategizing and putting together the necessary logistics for the program while our volunteers in the fields are conducting massive mobilization. All of this careful organization and teamwork are essential for the accomplishment of these precious transformational Bible discipleship programs.

The importance of these Portable Bible Schools is immeasurable! Through this program we are raising indigenous missionaries who will lead change and foster the growth of God’s Kingdom in their communities and beyond. Each of these salvation stations multiplies on its own, and rapidly expands the growing number of believers and churches in each of the 100 plus communities (and all the ones we’ve done in past years)! These salvation stations become discipleship factories, and the Kingdom of God advances rapidly!

Joy Overflows!

…as Favor donates oxen and ploughs to Women Empowerment groups in South Sudan.

This week we launched another Women Empowerment project in Kit, a highly war-torn village in SS. The women celebrated with such joy and enthusiasm that they picked up their pastor and carried him around while dancing and singing praises to the Lord!

50 women received 10 oxen equipped with ploughs and other implements and will begin training this week. One reason why the women were so excited is because farm work in SS is still largely done with rudimentary tools, sticks, and hand hoes. So, this equipment goes a long way in changing the lives of these hard working women!

The women will be able to grow enough good to feed their families, and sell the rest at market to earn money to pay for their kids’ education and health care. This is a crucial pathway toward rebuilding impoverished communities. And, their success will inspire success in the communities surrounding them.

We Dedicated our First Church of the Year!

Our Favor team joined fellow Christians in Magwi county, SS to celebrate another new church building in South Sudan. The Pastor testified during the dedication, ‘This building itself has spoken powerfully to whole communities of South Sudan refugees that have fled over borders into Kenya and Uganda, to now return to their homeland, that God has moved in and is here to stay, peace has come, and the nation is being rebuilt by the power of God’s Word.’

While church buildings may be on every other corner in most cities in America, that is not the case in South Sudan. The mere presence of a church structure hear loudly symbolizes peace, refuge, oasis of love and healing, and drawing together of hearts over tribal boundaries.

Refugees have returned home, and are still coming, after seeing these physical symbols of God’s redeeming presence!

I will rebuild the tabernacle of David which has fallen, and I will rebuild its ruins, and I will restore it… (Acts 15:16).

Our Juba Compound is Expanding!

As we continue to grow in SS, God is expanding our boundaries! Renovations of our House of Prayer and office compound is in progress, and should be complete within the next few months! Once done, it will house a prayer hall that will fit 800 people, and 10 offices. We’ll use the prayer hall for prayer meetings, training conferences, and equipping seminars for our missionary teams. This 2-story building will be the ‘power center’ from which we will launch all our indigenous missionary teams out to conquer the strongholds of darkness for Jesus’ Kingdom in this country and beyond. Our vision is enlarging and training and prayer has begun intensely for the nations of Sudan and Chad.

While the building work ensues, our team continues to conduct prayer meetings by the edge of the road adjacent to our compound. We are praying for the restoration of the land, the healing of the nation, preparation of hearts and unreached tribal communities, and safety for all of our missionaries being sent out. Prayer is the foundation of all we do in the ministry, and it cannot be postponed or ever put on hold. Even a temporary lack or shelter cannot hinder the fervent prayer in the hearts of the Favor team.