Latisha King

My Spiritual Mom, Carole Ward, has the precious love of our Creator coarsing thru her, and the love of her heart for God takes her to, thru and over the ways that are not of God. I am so blessed to have such a woman of God in my life. I am continually inspired by her heart for those who Creator loves and came to save. The love of God is such a treasure to behold, and to explain is unimaginable. So seeing it in action thru my mom Carole, who prays & lives it everyday for the people of Africa, who felt they were lost to all, but aren’t. She shows them God’s love in action too. I love her endurance to continue to do HIS Will on earth as it is in heaven. Thanks Mom. I love you.

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Yes I stand in agreement, they have the feet of Jesus doing amazing things thru much prayer. Love all of them sooooo much, great great discipleship, and ministry. Glory to Jesus, Most High! Halleluyah!!

Great ministry! Doing amazing things for the Kingdom!!

Posted by Larry Tobin on Monday, October 6, 2014

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