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Community Revitalization



Prayer is the fuel and engine of everything Favor does among the war-affected communities of Uganda and South Sudan. Our houses of prayer fuel the teams and transformation that run this movements. National prayer gatherings, pastors’ fellowships, government training, and more bring religious and community leaders together in the presence of God to change the course of nations.   Favor was birthed in prayer and begins nothing without seeking the Lord with our whole lives, prayer has also become a fundamental instrument of transformation in regio

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3 Current Projects

Housing for Hundreds of Former Street Orphans

GOAL : 531000 $ RAISED : 111868 $

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Solar Power for Two Radio Stations

GOAL : 110000 $ RAISED : 0 $

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Poultry Income for 500 Families

GOAL : 17000 $ RAISED : 0 $

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Sample Project


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