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15 June 2020

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“Go home to your own people. Tell them your story—what the Master did, how he had mercy on you!” – Mark 5:19, MSG

Favor Converts, discipled at our portable Bible schools, are passionately with great joy “Going home “ even into the fields where their people are scratching out a living in their hot weary land…..”TELLING THEIR STORY, WHAT THE GREAT MASTER JESUS HAS DONE FOR THEM” (and for you and me as well, PRAISE JESUS)‼️

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A Word from Favor

“When penitent, pleading, prevailing, persevering, persistent prayer takes priority and preeminence over pride, people pleasing, programs, preconceived ideas, problems, pulpits, and performances, then and only then…will My presence and power permeate this planet once again!!”

— Carole Ward

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