Bibles for Rural Tribes

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Multitudes are hungry for the Word of God more than food.

- Carole Ward

The essential foundation for peace in South Sudan is Jesus. Learning about Him daily from the Word of God in one's heart language is necessary for transformation.

Favor's missionary field teams perform extraordinary feats bringing the Gospel, portable Bible schools, church planting, and community development. But extensive scriptural resources are needed to give to ministry recipients and PBS graduates to develop intimacy between new believers and God. The Bible is the fundamental transformational tool for church growth, leader development, missionary multiplication, healthy marriages, forgiveness, healing of the heart, and more.

A construction worker renovating our house of prayer in Juba received the Gospel from one of our staff and gave his life to Jesus. Now he is very happy to have a Bible to read daily as he learns about his new relationship with Christ and receives discipleship from our team.

The cry for Bibles is desperate and universal. In most villages, Bibles are not available for purchase, even if money were no object, much less a Bible in the local language. Furthermore, many people we're reaching for Christ cannot read. While Favor has curriculum to teach adult literacy through the Bible, these efforts are only a trickle of the demand, and audio Bibles are readily adopted among the people we serve.

Favor seeks thousands of Bibles in the following languages, to be shipped by international shipping container, for our teams to distribute through relationship and accountability. Most recipients of a Bible are the thousands of portable Bible school graduates we train every year. There are many other similar methods of distribution through relationship and accountability. We do not simply give them away to anybody.

Bibles Needed Immediately

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

Your support of this project brings the effective truth of God's Word to people with no other opportunity to receive it.

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Bibles for Rural Tribes

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What You've Completed

  • Language needs and formats identified.
  • International cargo distribution channel secured.
  • Bids completed and vendors selected.
  • Budget approved.
  • Phase 1 of 3-year plan funded!
  • Bible production started.

Project Budget

The Phase 1 cost of $507,945 pays for the production and distribution of 23,500 printed Bibles and 2,000 in several languages. These investments of the Word of God in the hearts of people across both war-affected nations will reap dividends for generations to come.


  • Bible Printing and Production: $448,395
  • International shipping and customs of one cargo container: $6,000
  • Bible storage and warehouse improvements: $30,000
  • Administration (transportation, staff, security, etc.): $25,550


100 $
507900 $
45 $

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