Bibles for Rural Tribes

GOAL : 507945 $

RAISED : 508045 $

The cry for Bibles is desperate and universal. In most villages, Bibles are not available for purchase, even if money were no object, much less a Bible in the local language.

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Poultry Income for 500 Families

GOAL : 17000 $

RAISED : 0 $

The Gulu Poultry Production Demonstration Project will strengthen woman-headed households, empowering them to bring higher-quality, affordable protein to the tables of their communities.

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Solar Power for Two Radio Stations

GOAL : 110000 $

RAISED : 0 $

The installation of solar panels and batteries will decrease the operational cost of generator fuel and staff time to manually keep the generators running.

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Housing for Hundreds of Former Street Orphans


GOAL : 531000 $

RAISED : 111868 $

God has provided an 87-room property that will become the GIFT home for women, freeing up all the tent structures for the men and getting ALL our youth off the streets! With your support, we can move it!!

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