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Rural Communities

24 Jun

The Word Received

We hold door to door evangelistic campaigns within a village, cattle camp, or marauding tribes.

24 Jun

Now I See

Somewhere in South Sudan there is a migrating cattle camp, and in that very camp on June 24th, 2020, a young warrior moved from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Life as he takes Jesus to be his very own Savior and Lord.

22 Jun

Teaching God’s Word

These tremendous people gather together coming from throughout their village and some from surrounding areas dressed in their finest apparel to hear, learn of, and receive instruction in God’s Word from an anointed indigenous Favor Intl. minister.

10 Jan

Jan 2020 Newsletter

The Gospel penetrating into these cattle keepers’ hearts is critical, since the cattle camps are some of the places in South Sudan where the darkest cultural practices still persist.

11 Dec

Trauma Counseling Heals a Former Warrior

The conflict in South Sudan has wreaked terrible pain on the citizens. Both the perpetrators and the victims of the war have been left with deep emotional scars. One tribal warrior did things that left a permanent anxiety in his mind. He thought that God could never forgive him. After participating in Favor’s Trauma Counseling, […]


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