Our Approach

One of God's Children
Through fourteen years of ministry, we have learned that only a holistic, Christ-centered approach will bring true and lasting transformation to the life of nation. In our work, ministry is the vehicle to establish relationships that build up every facet of the lives of individuals and communities. Sustainability hinges on laying a foundation of Gospel truth from which to raise up indigenous leaders to guide the ongoing process of restoration. 

Much of this work is conducted through our Community Revitalization program, which targets struggling communities with little to no Christian influence. Our process begins by meeting village leaders to obtain their support and to schedule a three-day evangelistic outreach that yields a new body of believers who are then trained and discipled through our two-month Portable Bible School (PBS) program. During the PBS, villagers gather weekday mornings to receive training in health and wellness and family and economic development. Afternoons hold classes in evangelism, discipleship, holy living, church leadership, prayer and character building. On weekends youth outreach takes place. 

Celebrating New Church

Man in Prayer
Throughout the training process, leaders are identified and equipped to lead the new congregation, and the construction of a church building in the village provides a community hub for continuing literacy training and spiritual, health and economic development. The structure also serves as a site for mobile medical clinics conducted by visiting doctors. Once construction is complete, our staff provides ongoing mentoring for at least one year.

Through this process, villagers learn how to rebuild their own lives and communities through the hope and practical application of Gospel truths. The success has been great. Communities nearly destroyed by war are becoming thriving centers of spiritual, social, economic and educational growth. Many villages are now sending missionaries of their own to their unreached neighbors. With full knowledge of local language, culture and customs, these indigenous leaders are the most efficient agents of transformation possible, accomplishing more in one year at a fraction of the cost than American workers could achieve in a lifetime.