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19 Jun

I Want the Little Children to Come to Me

Hundreds of little girls like these, who once were truly lost and destined for lives of excruciating pain and/or demoralizing humiliation, now have been found.

14 Jun

The Power of God’s Word

“I consider your prophecies to be my greatest treasure, and I memorize them and write them on my heart to keep me."

10 Jun

Hope, Welfare, and Peace

These young women tearfully choose to step into the arms of their new Shepherd and surrender themselves into his care and choice for their future lives. What a beautiful story of truth, trust and courage on both sides, the indigenous evangelists who brought this message and our new sister’s in Christ.

21 Dec

Newsletter – Dec ’19

GIFT Home Project God is raising radical youth from the streets — out of sin, poverty, death, crime, prostitution, and rejection, and bringing them into heart changing revival, to be changers of nations in their generation!These are the youth that will inhabit the GIFT Home!     GIFT HOME PROJECT favor_gift home, project proposalClick Here […]

7 Dec

Newsletter – Nov/Dec 2019

The suffering church knows what it means to be the sacrificial church. We're worshiping in war zones. We're turning mercenaries into missionaries.


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