Missionary Carole Ward with a group of children

In 2001, Uganda was a country in ruins after 20+ years of horrific civil war which left the government and the people unable to fend for themselves. Countless thousands of children had been orphaned during the conflict and over 66,000 others were conscripted by rebels and trained to brutally kill their own people or be killed themselves. A UN official summarized, "I cannot find any other part of the world that is having an emergency on the scale of Uganda, that is getting such little international attention."

Hope was lost and military options to defeat the LRA had failed. Two million people were forcibly interned in camps called Internally Displaced People (IDP) under horrendous condition with no healthcare, sanitation and very little food. To make matters worse, these camps were controlled by spiritual darkness which enslaved their minds and hearts without mercy. A whole generation and a society was destined for annihilation – until God intervened by anointing a woman in distant America and putting a desire in her heart to ask God, “Lord, send me where no one wants to go.”

In response, Carole Ward, a third-generation missionary, was sent by the Lord to Northern Uganda into the midst of the war. He filled her with a powerful vision to reach the forgotten people of this country by bringing them the Word of God, salvation and freedom from the spiritual bondage of witchcraft. He then followed it up by confirming His Word with countless dramatic miracles of signs and wonders, of healing, as well as deliverance from spiritual bondage, poverty and hopelessness.

Favour Africa Bible Study

In time, after much intercessory prayer, many came to join Carol in the ministry of evangelism, Bible teaching and caring for the orphans. When the government required registration to continue the work in this dangerous area, Carol formed the ministry in 2004. Though the needs were enormous, God told her, “Build My house, and I’ll build yours!”  1 Chronicles 17:10 and Chronicles 17:25.

Soon after, Favor opened a simple community called the ‘House of Prayer’ in Gulu, the regional capital in the center of the war. It became a center for a missionary movement that was in part instrumental to end the war through the power of the Gospel.

Ecstatic to receive her very own Bible from Favour Africa

The ministry quickly grew to 90 indigenous leaders resulting in:

  • distributed 80,000+ Bibles
  • trained 7,000+ pastors
  • built a school with 400 attending
  • built a primary school
  • graduated 500+ leaders from a Bible college
  • reached 50,000+ through trauma counseling
  • built the first Christian radio station
  • held crusades with 1 million+ attending
  • trained government leaders
  • conducted mobile medical clinics for 8,000+ patients

But this was only the beginning. In 2005, Favor organized a national prayer event in the Gulu stadium to unify the tribes, leaders, churches, and regions in repentant prayer for the ending of the war. Simultaneously, Joseph Kony, the rebel leader, pronounced that his power over the land was lost, according to his former right-hand general who converted to Christianity and attended Favor’s New Life Bible College. After a time, the LRA evacuated out of Uganda, bringing an effective peace. The government admitted, the healing of the land was not brought about by military might or diplomatic negotiations, but by prayer and fasting.

Through it, countless people in Northern Uganda, once broken and hopeless, with the help of the ministry, were able to rebuild their lives and the lives of others. Hope has returned! There are tangible signs throughout the land and those who were once victims of war are now zealous instruments of revival in the region.

Village Praying

Much is left to be done, but God will finish what He has started with the help from people like you.

Neighboring South Sudan, which has experienced similar traumas to this day, is just beginning to see the light in the midst of darkness. In 2015, Favor facilitated a similar breakthrough by holding a national prayer event in Juba, South Sudan, to bring God’s repentance, revival, and restoration. South Sudanese leaders desire a repeat of this event in each of the nation’s ten states, followed by Favor’s discipleship ministries, to see the new nation’s foundations established and war cease.

Hope and trust in the living God and His mighty power is ready to lift these nations out of darkness into His marvelous light. Will you help?