Evangelism & Discipleship

Portable Bible School (PBS)

Portable Bible School

The sole purpose is to bring Christ into the community by well-trained native leaders. PBS provides three months of training on evangelism, discipleship, holy living, church leadership, raising Godly families, the power of prayer, forgiveness and character building. Salvation and spiritual growth comes from knowing God as Father, Jesus as Savior and the Holy Spirit as teacher. The curriculum equips indigenous leaders to transform their own communities. This is the great multiplier effect whereby indigenous leaders establish churches in their villages. Each school has an average enrollment of 100 students. The desire to know God and to serve him is great. People are responding to dedicate their lives to ministry and transform their nation. In addition to the training, students are taught door to door evangelism and participate in our three-day crusades and bible distribution. Native leaders who know the culture and languages are proven effective in spreading the Gospel, transforming lives and communities resulting in church planting and strengthening communities.

Church Planting

Favour Africa Church Planting

We are passionate about building churches; the church becomes a central gathering place for the communities and is one of the most effective means of reaching and transforming lives. One church planted in unreached communities can affect countless lives. Uganda’s Christian influence is strongly seen in its cities in its many beautiful church buildings and vibrant congregations, yet in the rural communities that make up roughly 80% of the nation’s population, small and struggling congregations are forced to meet in tiny huts or in the open air. In many areas in the north where war was strongest a decade ago, Christian presence is absent altogether. Bibles are scarce and poor understanding of the Word causes believers to mix their faith with local superstition.

Favor’s church planting initiatives are an integral part of their Community Revitalization program, helping communities rebuild around the physical and spiritual construction of a healthy church. The process begins as our Community Revitalization team strategically targets communities and villages with little to no Christian influence. Once sites have been selected, meeting are conducted with village leaders to obtain their support and to schedule a three-day evangelistic outreach. This outreach yields a new body of believers and an ongoing prayer community. Next, these new believers are engaged in training and discipleship through our two-month Portable Bible School, through which potential leaders are identified and equipped to lead the new congregation and to train others as pastors and church planters. With these critical elements in place, the construction of a church building begins.

The entire community is involved in the construction process by providing labor, food for workers and available resources. When finished, the structure houses not only Sunday services and prayer meetings, but also serves as a community hub for ongoing teaching and training in literacy, health and economic development. Ongoing mentoring also takes place on location as our staff walks with the new faith community throughout the following year to guide and sustain the village’s continued development.

Christian Radio

Christian & Gospel radio in Northern Uganda

Radio is the most accessible form of media in Uganda and South Sudan and exist to spread the Gospel to large audiences. There are many who have never heard the good news about Jesus Christ, this gives them the opportunity. The radio ministry provides around the clock programming to include evangelism and growing the church. The radio is also a bridge that helps people reconcile and addresses the trauma resulting from the affects of war and conflicts through the love of Jesus Christ. People can hear testimonies and resolutions of transformed lives in their own language. It helps heal the country and raises awareness of the love of Christ. It also helps squash the stigma and rumors and superstition which are prevalent. The radio ministry helps bring about truth and cohesiveness so needed in the communities by developing followers of Christ. Favor FM is the first licensed all Christian radio in Northern Uganda and God Willing soon to be in South Sudan.

Christian radio in Northern Uganda
Spreading the Gospel with radio

House of Prayer

Favour Africa's House of Prayer

Ten years of war in Uganda and sixty-six in South Sudan left communities fractured and entangled in corruption and poverty. The activities of our Houses of Prayer (HOP) enable Christian influence to permeate all other aspects of these societies in order to pave the way for restoration and sustainable transformation by grounding entire communities in the truth and values of Christ. 

Favor currently operates two Houses of Prayer: one in the heart of Juba, capital of South Sudan, and the other in Gulu, Uganda’s northern seat of power. These Houses serve as convergence points for believers from across all denominations, who gather daily for united prayer and Biblical training. Each House also serves as a site for ongoing trauma counseling and discipleship to restore healthy community foundations.

Along with prayer and teaching, each HOP functions as a community hub for empowered outreach that brings Christian influence on all levels of society from the poorest to the most powerful. Care for the poor is not enough, every level of society must be addressed up to its decision-makers for change to be effective and lasting. 

Teams begin in city streets with door-to-door evangelism and spread throughout the region with the good news of the Gospel. Prisoners are reached through regular Bible studies and the provision of basic necessities. In hospitals, teams share the Gospel, pray for the sick and give gifts to patients without means to afford food or sanitation. In government halls, our staff host dinners that serve elected officials through prayer, Bible distribution and training. Local military forces are engaged with the Gospel message through targeted outreach. In addition to all this, our HOP teams annually conduct evangelistic crusades strategically targeting communities and regions with little to no Christian influence.  

Crusades and Outreach

Favour Africa Crusades and Outreach

We reach many considered to be unreachable by promoting crusades and outreach to the communities. We are passionate about seeing lives changed and especially reaching the vulnerable. Each person has a right to hear the gospel and given the opportunity of salvation. Thousands of people have come to salvation and Christ through these crusades and outreach. Crusades and outreach many times are the only means by which people are reached where there are no televisions, radios or internet. Each crusade is labor intensive and requires much preparation. Before each crusade we pray well in advance and seek the guidance of God. God never fails and always prepares the way. In many instances people have come from days away by bicycle or by foot just to hear the word of God. And many have stayed for three days praying and hearing God. But mass crusades are not the only means, we also go from village to village and person to person.

Leadership Training Institute

Leadership Training Institute

Favor’s Leadership Training Institute is a blend of in-class and hands-on instruction tailored to produce powerful ministers of spiritual and cultural transformation engaged in the work of renewal before they ever leave the classroom. Comprised of six separate schools, the Institute builds up every facet of the student’s person. Our School of Destiny lays the foundation by addressing core emotional needs through trauma counseling, emotional healing, rehabilitation, character development and aptitudes testing. For those with education gaps, our School of Development assists in the completion of necessary school certificates, university diplomas, licenses or vocational skills training. In our School of Transformational Leadership, students are positioned to function as dynamic leaders in both primary and secondary capacities with the ability to mentor others. Every graduate from our School of Business leaves armed with entrepreneurial skills and with their own business startup in operation. These startups are monitored and mentored by Institute staff over the next three years. Our School of Ministry fully equips and enables graduates to preach and teach the Word of God, plant churches, pastor congregations, and train others to enter the mission field, while our School of Mission specifically addresses the operation of community projects and discipleship strategies.

Favor Africa’s Leadership Training Institute