Education Program in Northern Uganda and South Sudan

We strongly believe that every child should have the opportunity to survive and thrive in education. The children in these nations face tremendous barriers that not only include extreme poverty, but the existing schools have 100 students to 1 teacher ratio, limited resources, and lack safe water and transportation. In addition, early marriage is prevalent resulting in females having less access to education. The lack of access to safe water in schools increases the potential for disease, some children must choose fetching water over education, all of these factors derail children’s education and is demoralizing. To address the need, Favor International opened a primary school in 2008 that serves over 400 students. We maintain a 30:1 student to teacher ratio. Along with their studies the students are also instructed in the bible and Christian living. Our school has been recognized for students’ outstanding academic achievement by the Educational District. Although we take great pride in what has been accomplished, it is only a dent and we are continually striving to expand our educational program. Uganda has the world’s youngest population- 78% are below the age of 30 and has one of the highest youth unemployment. The median age of the population in Uganda is 15.8 years. Our approach is to increase access to quality education by expanding and building new facilities including secondary schools. We also partner with the community organizations and parents to galvanize better educational opportunities.

We also have a literacy program as part of our portable Bible school process. Many are motivated to learn to read the Bible, which is now used as one of our main text to teach reading skills. Literacy is a key factor in alleviating poverty.

Carole Ward with school children

Work Study Program

Our work study program is for children who have completed primary school, been resettled within the community, and would like to continue their education. We continue follow their progress and provide them the opportunity to learn a skill according to their interests, gifts and talents, while also supplying help to pay the necessary fees to attend Secondary School. We have trained and supported students and have seen them increase in productivity, innovation, and renewed hope for the future. Education combined with spiritual growth is a life and nation transforming event.