Economic Development

Man Milling Flour in Uganda

The land of Uganda is beautiful and fertile with three growing seasons per year, yet the wars of the last decade destroyed much infrastructure bringing development to a halt. Favor’s development initiatives are reversing this trend through agricultural and economic training that equips women and men of all ages to become successful while providing an ongoing stream of sustainability for ministry activities.

Favor’s agricultural development initiatives include the cultivation of a fourteen-acre farm on the House of Hope (HOH) property just outside the city of Gulu. At the HOH, sponsored children from our foster care program as well as those from our rehabilitation program are trained in valuable agricultural and farming skills as they learn to grow and sell cassava and beans and to raise and care for fruit orchards. The income generated from these sales is applied directly toward the operation of our primary school, work study and rehabilitation programs. Having completed the program, children are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to establish and operate profitable farming businesses of their own.

Economic development initiatives also take place inside the city of Gulu and the surrounding villages through our Women’s Empowerment program and through our Leadership Training Institute which jump-starts participants in personal business ventures. Other business initiatives currently under development are a tailoring school, chapatti cooking and solar bakery businesses, poultry, pig, goat, beekeeping, orchard, fish ponds and aquaponics projects and a wedding dress rental shop, which is near completion. Once enough dresses have been collected, the shop will be opened to rent beautiful western wedding gowns to Ugandans at affordable prices.