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Together we’re building a home for youth leaving the streets for Jesus!

These previous youth will be the leaders and transformers of communities and nations tomorrow.

To this day, these kids that were in gangs and prostitution are coming from near and far to our House of Prayer, not just for food, but for the Bread of Life (John 6:35). They are turning in their weapons and picking up Bibles. The Holy Spirit is saving them, and Favor is baptizing them!

Living on the streets is dangerous, so many youth took up lives of crime. Our team of African-led mentors have been bringing them in and loving, feeding, clothing, housing, discipling, and educating them. We know the methods and ministries that transform hearts over time and will love these youth as our own sons and daughters, because they are.

Favor is building housing, hiring staff, forming families, paying tuition, and feeding hundreds. It costs about $250/month to provide all of these services to each of these youth with a destiny!

Destiny youth catching up on academic studies with Favor’s teachers off school due to Covid shutdowns. God works out all things for the good of those who love Him!

The mayor of Gulu has told us crime in the city has dropped more than 80% since the revival began among the youth. Still, many more future nation-changers are coming to us for prayer, salvation, discipleship, and the Word of God. Then they are going out to tell others!

There are still over 100 girls we are serving, who are trapped in prostitution while living on the streets. They are waiting for us to have the capacity to provide a place to sleep. With your support, we can rescue them this year.

Your monthly gift supports a team lifting hundreds of youth who can change the cycles of purposelessness and poverty. It is easier to raise strong youth, than to repair broken men and women.

Will you help?

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Faithfully in Christ,

Carole Ward

Favor International is a movement serving and training indigenous leaders in East African war zones to sustainably change their communities with the power of the Gospel.

With your gifts, you can bring the Gospel with discipleship…

  • in the midst of war,
  • to the lost and unreached,
  • through indigenous leadership,
  • unified from all tribes and denominations,
  • multiplying through multi-generational leadership,
  • without extra-biblical requirements or factionalism,
  • and accompanied by effective, holistic ministries that address the whole needs of whole communities.

We provide all services at no cost to those desperate for the life-giving power of the Gospel, in places where many others flee or avoid.

Favor is a partnership: first with God, then with one another. Will you join us on this mission?


Transformed Hearts Transform Nations

Bibles instead of Bullets  •  Warriors into Worshipers  •  Mercenaries into Missionaries

New GIFT home for women, secondary school, and vocational training institute under construction

88 rooms, 4 conference rooms, kitchens, and 5 acres for farming and recreation.

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