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If you would like to donate by wiring funds, donate appreciated stock, or any other way that we do not list in our donation form, please call us at 1-941-444-9940.

Favor can accept stock, will designations, and other assets through trusted advisors and the National Christian Foundation. Please call us.

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The victims of war become the instruments of revival.

Favor International is a movement serving and training indigenous leaders in East African war zones to sustainably change their communities with the power of the Gospel.

With your gifts, you can bring the Gospel with discipleship…

  • in the midst of war,
  • to the lost and unreached,
  • through indigenous leadership,
  • unified from all tribes and denominations,
  • multiplying through multi-generational leadership,
  • without extra-biblical requirements or factionalism,
  • and accompanied by effective, holistic ministries that address the whole needs of whole communities.

We provide all services at no cost to those desperate for the life-giving power of the Gospel, in places where many others flee or avoid.

Favor is a partnership: first with God, then with one another.

Will you join us on this mission?

Invitation to Share

Revival is happening and the testimonies about what God is doing abound! Whether you found us through Carole’s book, or via word of mouth, or you heard Carole speak, or just stumbled across us on the internet…If your heart is connected with us as an organization and the work that we’re doing, then we invite you to be a voice to the vision.

Send Me Where No One Wants to Go: The Carole Ward StoryShare More About Our Work

What better way to learn what God is doing than to share what God is doing?

Do you have a missions conference, church, bible study, prayer group, or team of colleagues with whom you’d like to share about our missions work and the revival happening? Then fill out the form below!

Depending on the circumstances and what makes the most sense, we may be able to:

  • Provide you with resources for you to present to your group.
  • Schedule a video call in which one of our team members could virtually share about the organization with your group.
  • Schedule a physical visit for one of our team members to present to your group in person.

We know that most churches love to support missions. We also know that it’s important to have an established relationship between congregation and missionary… for there to be trust and transparency. If you’re the pastor or leader of a church and would like to connect with us in any way, please feel free to fill out the form! We can answer any questions and send you any information.

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