Housing for Hundreds of Former Street Orphans

In September of last year, revival started breaking out in the streets of Gulu among the young gang members. By the multitudes, they were surrendering their lives to Jesus, giving up their old ways, getting water baptized, and beginning to live brand new lives. Instead of spending their time in the streets, they wanted to spend their time in the House of Prayer. Instead of carrying around weapons, they wanted Bibles. It's been remarkable to witness and be a part of what God is doing among these young people. We declare they are DESTINY YOUTH!

If you've been connected with us for a while, you've likely heard us share about them and our work with them before. So much has happened in the last few months...we wanted to give you an update!

There has been an 80-90% decrease in crime rate in the city of Gulu according to police reports!!!
  • When we we first started telling you all about the Destiny Youth back in the fall, at that time we were ministering to and discipling them, resettling them back with their families when possible; for those who had no families to be resettled with, we have been feeding and clothing them, providing for their medical fees, and paying for the schooling or vocational training costs.
  • Then we started renting a home to house as many of them as we could. (This was essential, as a major reason many of them got involved in crime in the first place was due to just needing to find ways to survive.)
  • While they were staying in the rented home, we were working hard to develop the GIFT Home property to be able to house them temporarily until the physical buildings can be built. We've had a wall built around the property (as required by the local government), have had septic system put in, toilets built, and water tank put in.

We've just recently moved them into temporary tents on the GIFT Home property. This is where they will live until we can raise enough money to build the GIFT Home!

How much easier it is to build strong youth than to repair broken men!

For those who have been a part of this vision through prayer, support, giving, and spreading the word...WE THANK YOU!

  • We are currently housing as many of these youth as we can in temporary tents on our compound. (This isn't a long term solution, as the rainy season will make living in tents very difficult.)
  • If you want to be a part of what God is doing amongst these youth, you can help us by praying, and spreading the word about what's happening to anyone you know who's interested in missions!
  • If your heart is moved to help support these Destiny Youth, you can give toward the building of the GIFT Home here. There's no amount too small, every little bit counts toward the fruit that you've read about above.
November 30, 2020
Purchasing the Gulu Compound for GIFT

Favor International is purchasing a compound near our Gulu, Uganda, headquarters to enable the operations and expansion of God’s Institute for Transformation (GIFT) home for women. This complex will immediately house street youth who have entrusted their lives to Jesus and to Favor’s care as family. They require housing now.

April 22, 2020
Some of the Destiny Youth at the GIFT Home site - they planted a special surprise as a way to say Thank You to Carole and all of Favor Int'l for helping rescue them from street life, introducing them to Jesus, and giving them a home and a purpose.
  • We just received a government signed document authorizing us to take in an additional 16 boys into our full-time care this week!
  • We have 15 girls that are currently living at the vocational school until we get our other compound walled, and then they will live in tents on the land temporarily until the GIFT Home is built.
  • Just last week we were asked by the local government officials to feed 200 more orphans and homeless youth.
  • As well as attending regular meetings at the House of Prayer for prayer, worship, discipleship, and Bible studies, all of the youth are involved in schooling or vocational training.
  • The boys are working hard: building a fish pond, planting a garden, planting an orchard, and more.
  • Hundreds of youth have been baptized in water!
  • One young woman used to prostitute as a way to earn a living from the time she was only 10 years old. Over 10 years, she'd been with innumerable men, and had 10 abortions. She was picked up from a pub where ladies sell themselves, and now she is a Destiny Youth! She wants to spend the rest of her life sharing Jesus with others and testifying about what He has done in her life!!
  • Some of the girls led their school director to the Lord upon returning to school!

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