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Two Nations, Many Tribes

God raised up Favor to proclaim and establish the Kingdom of God along the Nile River. Beginning in Gulu, northern Uganda, and now additionally headquartered in Juba, South Sudan, Favor serves two nations. Though Uganda and the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, share a border and speak English, the two cultures are dynamically different.

“Go, swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth, To a people feared far and wide,
A powerful and oppressive nation, Whose land the rivers divide.” – Isaiah 18:2a, NASB

Favor exclusively ministers in the land through indigenous leaders of the land, called, raised up, and sent in Kingdom force to bring God’s love, power, and healing to people traumatized by war.

Favor brings Community Revitalization and Prayer & Evangelism nationally, primarily to rural villages deep in deserts, jungles, mountains, and grasslands. Our Education & Discipleship and Economic Empowerment ministries work from fixed locations in both of our Gulu and Juba headquarters, receiving, training, and sending leaders to the furthest reaches of East Africa.

We serve the global community by helping these nations reach their nourishing and overcoming calling, so that they are a vitally contributing part in the earth. God’s heart breaks for the tribes of these nations. They are also mentioned several times in scripture (the Cushites).

The time will come when:

“All you inhabitants of the world and dwellers on earth,
As soon as a standard is raised on the mountains, you will see it,
And as soon as the trumpet is blown, you will hear it

…At that time a gift of [people, the bride presented saved and sanctified by Jesus] will be brought to the Lord of hosts
From a people tall and smooth,
Even from a people feared far and wide,
A powerful and oppressive nation,
Whose land the rivers divide—
To the place of the name of the Lord of hosts, even Mount Zion.”

Isaiah 18:3,7

Favor Site Locations

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A Favor team preaches the Gospel to an unreached people group in the mountains of South Sudan.


“We will go to hell and back to rescue those who are perishing, if you will hold the ropes.”

— Quote on Favor mission house wall

Country Background

african scenery

Independence from British Empire: October 9, 1962

Official war in the north of Uganda: 1984-2006

Uganda has struggled under a series of dictators who decimated the nation’s once robust economy. The impact was greatest in the north, which suffered the control of ruthless rebel forces for nearly 25 years. Infrastructure and businesses were wantonly destroyed as education, skilled workers, and churches vanished. The emotional trauma wrought throughout the region was incalculable, fracturing the fabric of society and leaving nearly 50% of the nation’s population age fifteen and under, with a life expectancy of just 55 years. Now after a decade of peace, the north still fights corruption and poverty in its journey of recovery.

Favor was established in the north during the height of the rebel LRA war. Today, we continue to walk with its people through the long-term process of restoration. Our work reaches every level of society to raise a new generation of leaders established on the secure foundation of Christ.

Prayer Mobilization

Independence from Sudan: July 9, 2011

Periods of official war: 2013-2022, 1982-2005,  1955-1972

Unofficially, the land has experienced violent conflict continuously from 1955 to present, and prior to that was under British rule, and before that Islamic slave trade and oppression. “Our grandfathers were born and died in war, our fathers were born and died in war, and we were born in war. Let our children not die in war…” is a cry we hear at prayer events.

This young nation has suffered the longest conflict in African history. Since only December 2013, it is estimated that over 50,000 people have been killed and four million have been displaced. Sixty-six years of civil war have created a generation who know of no life apart from war and poverty. While the nation’s ranking as one of the world’s most dangerous places for aid workers thwarts many relief and development efforts, they are desperate for the Gospel.

In the face of the world’s worst food crisis, inflation, and daily fear of death, the Sudanese people have asked again and again: “Will you please bring us Bibles?” “Why us?” “We hear you bring discipleship and trauma counseling. We need your trauma counseling.” We have done so and will continue working with government and spiritual leaders to support the process of reconciliation and restoration through the influence of the Gospel.

We are also actively involved in the Sudanese displacement camps in the north of Uganda, bringing the Gospel teaching and discipleship. The road ahead is long, but we anticipate great success by the grace of God through the proven model formed in displacing the occult-empowered wars of Uganda.

Map of Nile River Basin (source in Uganda, flows out through Egypt)


A Word from Favor

“When penitent, pleading, prevailing, persevering, persistent prayer takes priority and preeminence over pride, people pleasing, programs, preconceived ideas, problems, pulpits, and performances, then and only then…will My presence and power permeate this planet once again!!”

— Carole Ward

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