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“Lord, send me where no one wants to go, to do what no one wants to do.”

In 2001, Favor was founded in the middle of a war-torn Uganda in a civil war with a rebel group called LRA. At the time, the government and the people were unable to fend for themselves against Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Thousands of children were orphaned due to the conflict. Over 66,000 children as young as 5 were abducted and trained to kill and destroy by the rebel forces.

A UN representative summarized it like this, “I cannot find any other part of the world that is having an emergency on the scale of Uganda, that is getting such little international attention.”

Hope was lost and military options to defeat the LRA had failed. Two million people were forcibly interned in camps called Internally Displaced People (IDP) under horrendous condition with no healthcare, sanitation and very little food. The same spiritual darkness that bore Joseph Kony and his rebels were lurking over the camps. A whole generation and a society was marked for annihilation, until God intervened by gathering courageous prayer warriors from the land – and across the world.

To everyone’s surprise, Carole Ward, a 3rd-generation missionary, began to cry out for God to call her to a lifetime of serving in Uganda. She prayed this bold prayer, “Send me where no one wants to go and to do what no one wants to do.”

In response, the Lord sent Carole Ward, a trained nurse and battle-hardened prayer warrior to northern Uganda into the heart of the warzone. He baptized her with a supernatural love for the people that drove out all fear of rebel ambushes as she drove alone across the Nile into the lands everyone fled.

Though needs were imminent and infinite, she began by doing nothing but 6 months of prayer and hugging and washing the feet of broken lives in the internment camps. The Holy Spirit filled her with a powerful vision to reach the forgotten people of this country by serving and training them into national leaders, to multiply and accelerate the Gospel to the rest of the land. She began simply by renting a house and put a sign on the front that read, “House of Prayer, 7a-7p.” Many indeed  came with their brokenness that the Lord would later use to proclaim freedom to their neighbors, families, country.

God confirmed His Word with countless dramatic miracles of signs and wonders, of healing, unity among a fragmented body, as well as deliverance from spiritual bondage, poverty and hopelessness.

The house where Favour of God Ministries started during the war in northern Uganda. "House of Prayer, 7a-7p"
One of many "internally displaced people" (IDP) camps when the Ugandan government forced people to leave their villages, so the rebel insurgency wouldn't continue to grow from child soldier conscription.

A Brief Introduction to Favor

“We will go to hell and back, if you will hold the ropes.”


In time, after much intercessory prayer, many came to join Carole in the ministry of evangelism, Bible teaching and caring for the orphans. When the government required registration to continue the work in this dangerous area, Carole formed the ministry in 2004, with two Ugandans. Though the needs were enormous, God told her, “Build My house, and I’ll build yours!”  (1 Chronicles 17:10 & 25).

Soon after, Favor opened a simple community called the House of Prayer in Gulu, the regional capital in the center of the war. It became a center for a missionary movement that was in part instrumental to end the war through the power of the Gospel.

The ministry quickly grew to 90 national leaders in a few years. Those 90 leaders led to:

  • distributed 80,000+ Bibles
  • trained 7,000+ pastors
  • built a school with 400 attending
  • graduated 500+ leaders from a Bible college
  • reached 50,000+ through trauma counseling
  • built the first Christian radio station
  • held crusades with 1 million+ attending
  • trained government leaders
  • conducted mobile medical clinics for 8,000+ patients

A real turning point in our story was the national prayer event in the Gulu. We organized and gathered in the War Memorial Stadium to unify to unify the tribes, leaders, churches, and regions in repentant prayer for the ending of the war. Simultaneously, Joseph Kony, the rebel leader, pronounced that his power over the land was lost, according to his former right-hand general who converted to Christianity and attended Favor’s New Life Bible College. After a time, the LRA evacuated out of Uganda, bringing an effective peace. The government admitted, the healing of the land was not brought about by military might or diplomatic negotiations, but by prayer and fasting.

Through it, countless people in Northern Uganda, once broken and hopeless, with the help of the ministry, were able to rebuild their lives and the lives of others. Hope returned! There are tangible signs throughout the land and those who were once victims of war are now zealous instruments of revival in the region.

How God Ended the War by Prayer, Repentance, and Unity

The decade since the war in the north ceased by prayer and not by diplomacy or military outcome was uneasy, as the LRA made many attempts to re-enter Uganda after the end of the war, and fill Joseph Kony’s vacant seat. One replacement even attempted several times to kill Favor staff. But, even as times were rife with instability and wounds, people returned to their homes and the Gospel accelerated across northern Uganda to begin restoration.

As people returned to their homes and children grew up with a missing generation, the Gospel accelerated across northern Uganda with salvations and discipleship.

To this day, Favor continues to vigorously bring God’s love and truth to a people hungry for both. The darkness of witchcraft and other idolatries are still challenges and are being driven out to build a new foundation of peace and righteousness among future generations who have never seen war.

Those who were once victims of war are now zealous to serve the ending of wars in neighboring South Sudan.

We began to focus more direct efforts to South Sudan in 2007 by sending missionaries and Portable Bible School (PBS) programs. We organized a legal presence in the nation through trusted Portable Bible School graduates and purchased our first office space in Juba in 2015. That same year we hosted a national prayer meeting in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, just as we did in Uganda, to bring God’s repentance, revival, and restoration.

As a result, the first set of peace treaties between hostile political leaders were signed, and many South Sudanese leaders requested a prayer gathering be hosted in each of the 10 states followed by Favor’s many other discipleship ministries.

An Unconventional War Documentary
Produced by global filmmakers The Sentinel Group, this documentary contains the earliest recordings of Carole in Africa (from 2005).
Carole Ward

History of Favor

January 15

Wau Crusade Reaches Millions

A Favor-mobilized crusade with Ray Hannah in Wau, the “Muslim capital” of South Sudan, reaches over 1.2 million people on its largest day, plus more of the six other days of preaching and healing.
December 31

Mobile Medical Grows

11,000 people treated from Medical Clinic and Rural Mobile Medical outreaches.
July 9

South Sudan Becomes the World’s Newest Nation

After years of prayers and miracles, the people of South Sudan for the first time have the opportunity to forge a new future rooted on the Word of God – the world’s first Arabic-speaking, non-Muslim nation!
April 10

House of Hope Moves

…To its own house and land beautifully situated outside of Gulu. 33 former orphans call Favor their family and grow in godliness and stature.
September 25

First Education Vision Conference

Bringing community-wide practical training for long-term development.
August 25

Leadership Training in Prisons Starts

As an extension of successful outreaches, Favor’s teams now also bring leadership and practical job skills training into the prison to support the next generation of the nation’s leaders.
May 19

First Major Crusades in South Sudan

…In Torit and Kalongo-Pader District
December 31

Mobile Medical Clinics Take Off

…Providing free medical care to 4,426 people by 2009.
November 30

Church Planting Begins

…with seven new congregations sprouted and paired to strong mother churches.
October 21

Harp and Bowl Worship Training Begins

…at House of Prayer Gulu.
July 1

Favor’s Ministries Grow

New Life Bible College graduated 98 pastors. Trauma Counseling facilitated healing for 5,938 people who finished the two-week process. Favor’s 2-month portable Bible schools graduate 1,570 trained leaders.
May 4

First Australia Vision Sharing Trip

May 4

Favour Primary School Established

Favour Primary School was established at first to provide a quality Christian education at a reasonable cost for our own 32 House of Hope children, but it quickly grew to educate 300-400 children per term. The first class enrolled 108 students. Favour Primary covers pre-primary and primary grade levels and still operates out of a rented facility.
February 11

House of Prayer Officially Opens

Noon hour community gatherings have been offered every weekday in the heart of Gulu out of a rented facility, to this day. This House of Prayer and the team leadership there have been the fuel for all of Favor’s ministries.
July 26

Joseph Kony and the LRA Self-Evacuate

Because of corporate prayer, Kony announced to his leaders that his “power has left this land,” and he retreated over the border. The LRA was never defeated militarily, nor were years of peace talks ever resolved. Though the LRA made many attempts to re-enter northern Uganda and continue the spiritual and physical terror, none were successful. Favor’s prayer intercessors were regularly involved with these melees.
June 26

Trauma Counseling Program Started

…Through Family Challenge, Australia. This curriculum designed and served with Favor indigenous leaders, leads participants through a process of forgiveness, learning of God’s forgiveness of their sins through Jesus.
March 2

Child Care Centre (House of Hope) Begins

At the request of World Vision Uganda, Favor became the legal parents of 4 children during the war, which quickly grew to 32 children, still living and working from Carole’s rented mission house in Pece.
November 14

New Life Bible College Begins

In Pece living room of Carole’s house: 2-year Diploma Training, 35 first enrollment.
October 17

First National Prayer Gathering

…in Pece Stadium, Gulu. It took 40 days of prayer to get permission to even use the stadium for prayer.
July 25

Favour of God Ministries Registered

Required by the government in order to minister in the “high profile war area” of northern Uganda, Carole Ward registered Favour of God Ministries with two Ugandan co-founders.
May 14

First House of Prayer Started

In the midst of the war, Carole rented a little house and put a sign out front that read “House of Prayer, 7a – 7p.” That continuous prayer birthed God’s heart in many people of the land who were brought to the house, and the Favor movement was born.

A Word from Favor

“When penitent, pleading, prevailing, persevering, persistent prayer takes priority and preeminence over pride, people pleasing, programs, preconceived ideas, problems, pulpits, and performances, then and only then…will My presence and power permeate this planet once again!!”

— Carole Ward

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