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Carole Ward lives a life many would not believe is real. She dares to follow God and change nations one life at a time. Hers is the story of one woman’s commitment to her God and to the love for His people.

Her journey and her story began by stepping out in faith when she prayed with a sincere heart, “send me where no one wants to go.” Although she was told repeatedly by US authorities and other organizations she would come back in a body-bag, Carole, through her faith in the power of God has been transforming lives in Northern Uganda and South Sudan for the Kingdom of God for the last fourteen years.

Carol Ward

Sent by God to Northern Uganda and South Sudan

Carole Ward is a woman sent by God, driven by His Holy Spirit and filled with His power in order to transform the lives of the people of Northern Uganda and South Sudan. She has lived the Book of Acts over the last 13 years in ways that have been astounding and miraculous in their dramatic and life changing impact not just on thousands of individual people in these nations, but on their governments as well. It was not with guns or soldiers that God overcame the evil of witchcraft, rebel wars and unbelievable violence, but with her and her team’s unwavering faith and trust in a God who is stronger than the strongest evil.

Sending her where no one wanted to go, God chose a lone woman to go into Northern Uganda into the midst of unspeakable horrors of a war that had gone on for thirty years. For the last two years of that war, she was the only white woman in that part of the country since all other missionaries had fled long ago.

Carole in the internment camps during the war in northern Uganda.

Rescuing Children and Training Men & Women to Lead

Hugging Carole Ward After Receiving Bible

The Lord has since used her ministry to rescue countless children from the clutches of the rebel leader Joseph Kony, who had trained thirty thousand of them to be used as soldiers, sent out on killing rampages against their own people. After being healed physically, spiritually and emotionally by the Lord, many of these, now grown, have become active members of Carole’s large ministry staff. She has been training godly men and women of Uganda and South Sudan to carry on as missionaries to their own people instead of relying on outsiders.

Carole was trained and led by the Holy Spirit to raise up national leaders instead of procuring more American missionaries. This is why we believe that the heart of the Gospel is not sending American support, but empowering the nation to fight for itself. This is being done with Portable Bible Schools, training centers and the establishment of hundreds of churches in even the remotest areas. Large revival meetings which draw over a million people at a time help spread the Gospel across the regions, followed by dramatic healings and miracles everywhere.

Carol Ward

This ministry is unique in that it does not rely on man’s power to grow, but on God’s power to “confirm His Word through signs, wonders and miracles” as described in the Scriptures. What is impossible for any human, least of all one lone woman, is made possible with God through fervent prayer and fasting.

But the enemy does not sit still. While we have overcome the darkness of wars and are continuing to overcome the darkness of witchcraft, there are equally dangerous spiritual forces pushing into these nations, threatening the advancement of the Gospel with unrelenting determination. If we in America will not help Carole and her team to stem this tide by bringing as many to the Lord as possible, these nations will be lost to the Kingdom of God. While we cannot all go over there, we can however stand with Carole’s ministry in prayer and through financial support.

Checkout this interview of Carole and her biographical book!


Listen Now, hour 1

This audio is a recording of Carole on the Eric Metaxas Show. Metaxas, a well-known author, interviewed Carole to hear her first-hand account of her journey with Favor. Give a listen!

Send Me Where No One Wants to Go: The Carole Ward Story

If you want to read Carole and Favor’s story jump off a page at you, order her biographical novel retelling the amazing story of Favor’s foundational years and onward.

Contact us and we’ll ship one out!

“We will go to hell and back to rescue those who are perishing, if you will hold the ropes.”

— Quote on Favor mission house wall

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A Word from Favor

“When penitent, pleading, prevailing, persevering, persistent prayer takes priority and preeminence over pride, people pleasing, programs, preconceived ideas, problems, pulpits, and performances, then and only then…will My presence and power permeate this planet once again!!”

— Carole Ward

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